The Immense Power of Appreciation

Underestimating people and not giving them the value they deserve is a very common problem in the business world. Many of us have acted that way and we only realize how important, and valuable, the person was, or the job they used to do, until it is too late. Not having your work appreciated is one of the major reasons for people quitting their jobs. It can be extremely frustrating when you work really hard doing the best you can and then not having it acknowledged and feeling that all your effort had no value.


Everybody wants to feel valued, especially in their workplace, and the appreciation from their superiors and peers is one of the most motivational incentives possible, but unfortunately, this is rarely seen in the corporate environment. Some managers may think that not complaining is enough to show appreciation. Needless to say, they would be very wrong to think that way. So, either in a large corporation or in a small business, employee appreciation makes a huge difference. It makes them more engaged, productive, loyal and dedicated, contributing to the success of the company. This works as a customer too. If you show appreciation for the service someone is providing you, they will be more eager to keep doing a good job.


But, this doesn’t apply only in the workplace. Changing the way you see the world around you and the things you do can make you happier and a more productive person too. We usually waste a lot of time focusing on the things we don’t like, worrying about the things we think should be changed, fixed or improved, and forgetting about the good things. Changing the way we see things can have a significant impact in our lives, either in our social or professional lives. Our experiences are a reflex of what we are focusing on, and that depends on whether we choose to focus on good things or bad things. Of course, it is necessary to deal with problems and always try to improve, but we shouldn’t be obsessed with it or let it guide our every move and decision.


Having said that, we all know that it is not easy to completely change our habits. Yet, there are a few things we should keep in mind and try to use in our daily lives. Being grateful is one of them and, although really simple, it is something we often forget. It is important to try to focus on the things you are grateful for, whether it is in your work or your social life, whatever it is, and try to pay attention to them. In addition to that, there are also the thoughts we keep in our heads. In our daily lives, we think about many negative things, and they are, more often than not, unnecessary thoughts, so one should pay attention to that and choose to keep the good thoughts because that has an impact on our attitudes as well. This leads to something similar, which is to use positive words. Choosing your words well can have an even bigger impact than changing the way you think, not only when speaking to others, but when speaking to yourself as well.


Another attitude that we should regularly have is to acknowledge people around us. Be sure to let them know how you appreciate them and what they do. It is really important to show them the impact of what they do. It is important, though, to remember to appreciate yourself. Celebrate who you are, what you do and the many qualities and talents you have. Self-appreciation is not arrogance, it is just being aware of your own value, and this is a key to self-confidence, success and satisfaction. In your profession, in the work you do, you have to be confident in your skills and be sure of what you are good at doing. It is also important to your boss to know about your accomplishments, so that it creates more opportunities for you. Self-appreciation, or the lack of it, can really define the success of a person, or a group of people. A team of people that appreciate themselves can perform remarkably better.


With all these points in mind, there are a few things we should do in order to reinforce this change in how we see things. For example, when someone gives you a compliment, simply reply with “thank you”. Being able to accept compliments is a great way to practice self-appreciation and it makes it easier for people to acknowledge you. The best way to do this is to let the person speak and then say that you are grateful for the compliment instead of saying they are wrong or that they didn’t need to compliment you. This can have a big impact, especially when you are performing a challenging task, giving you more confidence. Likewise, do the same for the people around you. Compliment them, especially publicly, in front of other people, even if sometimes they may feel embarrassed at first, everyone likes to hear about themselves in a positive way. Be sure to do that saying straight to the person, and not about the person, like they weren’t even there. This can really motivate people.


When we focus on the good things, we bring more appreciation to ourselves, to our jobs, to our colleagues, to our company, and it leads to great improvement and development. Think about your life and try to see how your attitudes have been affecting you and what aspects of it that you can change. Despite being a continuous process, you will see that, in the end, it is really easy and won’t cost anything, so you can start right now.


Have you showed appreciation for someone today?


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