At Florida Connexion Business Brokers, we help you unlock the future you’ve always envisioned. Whether it’s purchasing a business or selling one you currently own, our team of experienced professionals will help you secure the most out of your investment.

Why Choose Florida Connexion Business Brokers?

We know that the process of buying and selling a business is far more involved than buying a car or selling a house. For buyers, it requires a tremendous amount of knowledge to locate and evaluate potential businesses for sale. For sellers, it demands understanding the key values that buyers are looking for, and the tools and resources to reach the largest network of likely buyers.

At Florida Connexion Business Brokers, we help buyers and sellers get the results they want. Our extensive background and experience in business management provide international clients the counsel they need to run a successful business in the highly competitive U.S. market. Multilingual in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French, our truly international team specializes in a select variety of business niches in order to offer real technical expertise. From asset valuation to negotiations and closings, we will help you secure the right business that fits your objectives or sell your business for the most money, in the shortest time.

What Our Clients Say

It's hard to express in words how much I appreciate all that the team at Florida Connexion has done for me in the past few months. Whenever one is selling their first business it feels like you're selling one of your children. To build something from the ground up is no small thing, and when it comes time to sell, emotions are running high! The folks were so loving and patient throughout the entire selling process. Night and day, I would hound them with questions, concerns, vents, and more questions, but never once did they get upset or frustrated with me. I think the most important thing they did was to make me feel comfortable and secure throughout the process. I could not have asked for better partners in this sell!!!!

I encourage you if at any time soon you are looking to sell your creation, 100% contact the team at Florida Connexion for THE BEST SERVICE you will ever receive. They understand the blood, sweat, and tears that are involved in growing your company from the once tiny seed of an idea from which it came. Trust me, you will not be disappointed in their services!

W., B.C.

Before I moved to Orlando, I was recommended talking to the team at Florida Connexion to help me find a business that could fit my budget and my needs. They understood my needs, came with some good options and helped me in every step of the process. From the first meeting until closing they were always there to support. I sure do recommend their service. Honest and very professional.

V., R.

Dear team, I want to thank you for your attention, professionalism and camaraderie in conducting the process of buying my business in April of this year and now on the new mission of buying another company. I contacted you guys again because I was very well taken care of the first time when you gave me much confidence in what you do, showing great knowledge of the profession. Congratulations and thank you for helping me make the correct purchase on that occasion and certainly the same will occur in this second acquisition. Many thanks, my friends.

S., A.

We were looking for a broker to help us buy a restaurant in the city of Orlando, FL. As we are extremely satisfied with the competence and performance of the team at Florida Connexion, we recommend them to our compatriots!!!

L., G.

We had a very smooth and trusting relationship in the purchase of our business through your company. Everyone felt at ease and comfortable with the service and people involved.

Scott Traut

I would like to express my gratitude, appreciation and satisfaction to Clenilson and congratulate him for the service he has provided us on this day.
He is an outstanding professional and a remarkable human being!
We left the meeting pleased and motivated to move forward with our original plan. However, now we have a clear strategy due to his guidance and advice.
We are confident we will do business with Florida Connexion in the near future.
Clenilson, congratulations for the great job and for the first-class services that you provide!

S., P.

Months ago, someone told me about this Real Estate company and I contacted them describing my needs. I had a great first impression from the very first welcome we were given at the front desk.
I said I was looking for a proficient Real Estate Broker who had considerable experience working with investors and who was familiar with Flip business. I was directed to Gabriel Della Santa.
In short, we have since been assisted by Gabriel and by Pedro Julia – who is yet another great example of a differentiated and skilled professional – and have already closed some deals as a result. In fact, we are in the final stages of completing another one this month and are already planning, together, for our next investments.
About the brokers: professionalism, a real interest in analyzing our profile and only the best investment suggestions and business options. They treat us with respect and offer us guidance in both good and challenging times.
I have never written a review before, but I felt compelled to write one because of these two professionals.
To all of you, thank you very much.

Emerson Sa Barreto

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