How to sell a business in Florida: a step by step guide

Learn the proven process you should follow to sell your Florida business


When you’re thinking of selling a business, it all comes down to two important factors: securing the best possible price, and investing the shortest amount of time in the sale.


While your business is for sale, you’re still working hard to keep it profitable and looking appealing to potential buyers. The longer your business sits on the market, the less attractive it can begin to look.


At Florida Connexion Business Brokers, we understand this and we’ve been working with both domestic and international entrepreneurs to help them sell businesses for the most money possible, as quickly as possible.


Join us as we break down our proven process to help entrepreneurs successfully sell their Florida business.


Step 1: Initial Meeting

During your initial meeting, you’ll sit down with your broker to talk about your business. They’ll ask you questions to explore why you want to sell, learn if selling is the right option for you, and what your business might be worth. 


Step 2: Comprehensive Business Analysis

Before recommending an asking price, your broker will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business. They’ll look at your financial statements, tangible assets, and discretionary earnings. They will also conduct a walk-through to fully understand how the business operates.


Step 3: Marketing Strategy

To maximize your profit when you sell your Florida business, we create a detailed marketing plan showcasing the key values your buyers are looking for. Your broker will work with you to build a plan that secures the results you want, whether that be a better selling price or a quicker sales process—or both.


Step 4: Private Meeting with Buyer

Your broker will screen prospective buyers to ensure that they have the financial pre-qualifications and interest needed to buy your business. After narrowing down the list, they’ll arrange private face-to-face meetings for you and the shortlisted buyers.


Step 5: Accept Offer & Due Diligence

Qualified buyers will then submit a non-binding letter of intent. As experienced business brokers, we’ll work out the details of the deal to ensure that all the important conditions and contingencies are included in the offer. Once you’ve accepted the offer, the buyer will conduct their due diligence.


Step 6: Closing

Now it’s time to officially transfer ownership of the business! Our team will review the final documents and make sure everything is in order to ensure a smooth, punctual closing.


Step 7: What’s Next

We’re here for you even after the transaction has been completed. Our extensive background and experience in the industry means that we have the professional connections—from accountants to attorneys, and more—to help you properly prepare for the future.


You can learn more about our proven selling process here.


When you decide to sell your Florida business, you’ll set yourself up for success by choosing Florida Connexion Business Brokers. We’re committed to helping you sell your business for the most money, in the shortest time.


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