5 Networking Tips for Holiday Business Events

How to Get the Most Out of Your Holiday Networking 

For entrepreneurs and business owners, the holiday season marks the time for many business networking events. Whether you are hosting a party for clients or attending a holiday networking event for local businesses, it is important that you get the most out of your networking opportunities while enjoying the festivities and celebrations. To help you at your next holiday business event, here are 5 networking tips:

1. Stay Focused. While holiday events can be extremely fun, it is important to remember the purpose of why you are attending: to strengthen your business relationships. Find a good balance between being festive and staying focused by learning how you can help your fellow networkers end the year on a positive note.

2. Be an Active Listener. If you’re wondering how you can be useful and provide value as a contact for someone, make sure to listen. More often than not, your networking peers will reveal ways that you can assist them or introduce them to a connection that can help them grow their business.

3. Play Match Maker. One way you can reinforce your value as a contact is by helping to connect two people who can benefit each other. Initiating a connection and helping to build professional networks makes you a valuable contact and keeps you at the forefront in the minds of your peers.

4. Know When to Move On. While it is easy to get caught up in conversation or story sharing with a new acquaintance, remember that the purpose of the event is to meet multiple people. Be tactful as you make your rounds at the event and try to speak to everyone you planned to meet or catch up with.

5. Be Judicious with Business Cards. While it can be tempting to hand out your business card to everyone you meet, it is important to remember that only the people you have made an impression on will remember who you are after the event. So be tactful and hand out your cards to people who you might want to continue the conversation with another time.

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