6 Questions to Ask a Business Broker

Selling Your Business: How to Determine the Best Business Broker for You

There are many different reasons why you may want to sell your business. Whether it’s because you are interested in pursuing a different opportunity or simply looking to retire, determining the best-suited business broker to handle your sales transaction can make all the difference. To ensure that you get the best possible outcome for all your hard work, here are 6 questions to ask when interviewing business brokers:


  1. How long have you been with your firm?
    One of the ways you can get further insight into a broker’s experience level is by asking them how long they have been with their firm.


  1. How many businesses similar to mine have you sold?
    While it is not imperative for your broker to have prior experience selling a business similar to yours, it can be extremely helpful in maximizing results and to ensure a smooth transaction because different business models demand different sales strategies and target buyers.


  1. Do you work from home or have an office?
    Listing with a business brokerage provides you with the advantage of having a full team of brokers and experts who are working towards selling your business for the most money, in the quickest manner.


  1. How do you evaluate a business’s worth?
    How a business broker will value your business can provide a good indication of how experienced they are and whether they understand the current market.


  1. Do you have a database of buyers?
    A professional and experienced business brokerage will have a database of buyers that they will use to find the best fit for your business and help sell it quicker.


  1. Do you have relationships with lenders, attorneys and tax specialists?
    The more relationships a business brokerage has, the more likely they are able to control the ability to sell your business, solve problems, and ensure a smooth transition.


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